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September 2017 Update

September 2017 Update


On the 19th of May 2017 Dumbarton Nursery School visited ‘My Farm’. My Farm is an agricultural establishment geared towards training horticulturalists in modern techniques of agriculture  ranging from poultry, bee keeping, soap making and animal husbandry. It also has a learning centre for children.

Our day visit was indeed very interactive, educative and interesting; children were divided into two groups and were treated to a guided tour of the gardens. They learned a great deal and had the chance to see quails – which many children and staff had never seen before!

The children were shown a variety of vegetables that were being grown at My Farm and the  visit gave  them the  opportunity to see how these crops are grown and taken care of before they reach the markets to be sold and eaten.

In the areas of space and environmental management the children were shown how to grow vegetables on tables using groundnut shell NPK solution, and how to grow of mint in cut out empty gallons and old tyres.

Children also saw different type of cooking materials such solar cookers, solar ovens for baking cakes, solar fruit dryers of different types and sizes.

Furthermore, the children were introduced to the learning centre which was equipped with Lego games and I-pads with appropriate games to play teaching them about shapes, numbers, letters and puzzles.

The use of the trampoline was fascinating and full of fun as it was the first time many children had seen one, let alone had a shot on one! Their experience can be seen in the picture.

In conclusion, on behalf of the children, parents staff and on my own humble behalf seized the opportunity to thank Caroline Marsland and her sponsors for providing the money and making the trip a successful one by providing a coach, food, snacks, and drinks at no cost to the parents.

Yours in Children Development,

Sulayman Saidy
Head master
Dumbarton Nursery School

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