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June 2018 Update

Dumbarton Gambia Education Association
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June 2018


Dumbarton nursery school embarked on an educational school visit on Friday the 22nd of June 2018, which took us to the Banjul International Airport, Tanjeh Camel Safari and Sanyang beach side.

At the airport the students were divided into two groups accompanied by the staff and some parents for a conducted tour guided by personnel from the civil aviation authorities. They explained in detail to the children the various functions of the different departments in the terminal building.

The children had the opportunity to visit the checking lounge, screening room where they were shown how people and bags are screened, the departure hall and landing side. Luckily enough one of the groups of students and staff witnessed a landing of a plane for the first time. The students also visited the arrival hall and met some custom officials who explained their roles and responsibilities concerning the taxes and regulations around the importing and exporting of stuff.

From the airport our next stop was at the Tanjeh Camel Safari. Again the officer in charge of the camels welcomed us and briefly explained how the camel safari had been established and how many litres of water a camel can drink in one go… (more than 30 gallons of water in less than 15 minutes!!) After this some brave students took turns to touch and climb on the camels and took some pictures. For most of them it was the first time seeing a camel live and they enjoyed interacting with the friendly camels.

Finally, we drove to the popular Sanyang beach side where we had lots of fun and lunch.

In conclusion, on behalf of the students, parents, staff and on my own humble behalf I would like to thank Caroline Marsland, her family members and her friends for sponsoring the visit by providing transport, refreshments, snacks and lunch at no cost the students and their parents.

I would also like to thank Dumbarton Gambia Education Association (DGEA) for continuing to provide a stimulating and learning environment which meets the needs of these innocent poor children. Without all of  your help and support none of the above would be possible. We looked forward to an even more successful trip next year!


With lots of love and admiration from the students, parents, and staff

Sulayman Saidy, Head teacher

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