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The Gambian School

YOU have made this possible!

Dumbarton Gambia Education Association ( D.G.E.A ) has sponsored our nursery school since its establishment 17 years ago. Over that time one thousand five hundred and thirty students have been granted three years of free uninterrupted nursery education! All the children who have attended have been from needy and low income families and who would otherwise not gone to school at all. They have received a daily free meal (sometimes the only meal they would receive that day), free stationery supplies and free teaching and learning materials. They have been given access and time to play on recreational facilities such as swings, see-saws and bicycles in a place where there are no communal parks or playgrounds. The high quality staff have also been paid.

All our students move on to Lower Basic schools, junior secondary schools, and senior secondary schools within the greater Banjul area and our children have had an excellent track record. Over a thousand have graduated from the school system over the years and currently five hundred and ten students are still in education.

Every year D.G.E.A. have funded educational field visits to various institutions and places of interest at no cost to the parents.

Without your timely and genuine intervention most of these innocent young children would be without a proper foundation as far as early childhood education is concerned, because they cannot afford to foot the high tuition fees in other nursery schools.

Thumbs-up to Dumbarton Gambia Education Association ( D.G.E.A) and their partners for being true friends of the Gambia! Thanks most especially to the families of the children and the staff at the school.

Your support either in cash or kind has a direct impact on the lives and livelihoods of these future leaders. We are truly grateful. Sulayman Saidy, Headmaster

 Introducing the new intakes of Nursery One 2018 to the school

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