St Augustine's, Dumbarton

Scottish Episcopal Church

Charity Number: SC002984


Ministry in St Augustine’s is wide and varied, and is a shared responsibility of both priest and people. Ministry is something that the Whole People of God take a part in, and we minister to each other as well as to the wider community and the wider world.

Lay people are given responsibility for various parts of worship, pastoral visiting, leading prayer groups, and are encouraged to be at the forefront of our life and mission as a congregation. We try to nurture an atmosphere and ethos of the servant community, meeting Jesus in need in our community and further afield.

Whether that means serving soup, (pictured), or upholding our massive educational project in the Third World, feeding and supporting the poorest in our community through our Food for Thought Programme, supporting, encouraging and joining in with community initiatives, or simply praying for our town and being a strong part of its development through individual commitments, St Augustine’s is respected and admired as a major player in the life of Dumbarton Town Centre and beyond.

A big part of our Ministry and Outreach is seen in tackling poverty issues and helping people in recovery from addiction. In 2014 our Food for Thought Programme was launched. For more info, please email Our team of volunteers will be glad to respond to any enquiries!

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