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Food for Thought

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‘Supporting those in need in our area with emergency food aid, counselling, advocacy and guidance’


Mission Statement:

We aim to alleviate food poverty for the most vulnerable people in our community. We will do this through referral to ensure that those in most need receive the emergency assistance they require. This will be facilitated in a friendly non-judgemental and helpful manner.



Charity begins at home!
A Food for Thought Update


From Fuerteventura: £891, to Balloch:  £100 – these are just some of the places that we have had donations from recently as well as the local shop in ‘Craiglang’.

As a chap from Balloch recently said to me after hearing a Food For Thought presentation, “ I can’t believe that this amount of poverty exists here and I didn’t know about it.” He was genuinely astounded! He had listened carefully and had asked the right questions at the end and I was not surprised that he could live in his street and town without realising the plight of so many neighbours who struggle in quite desperate ways day after day.  I get this reaction quite frequently and this man is not alone in his genuine ignorance. Despite news headlines and programmes the very real poverty which is endemic in our society is still quite hidden. So many think that, if it exists at all, poverty occurs in far away places, in other streets, other houses… not here on our own doorstep. As always  I was humbled by the fact that he moved by the examples I gave and the stories I told. People, if they know, DO care.

And where people care, they give. And their generosity never fails to move and surprise me, often because the biggest givers are the ones who have very little themselves.

There seems to be a definite rise in the levels of poverty here and we can see that this situation is going to be compounded very soon by the introduction of the roll out of Universal Credits to families in West Dunbartonshire in November. God help us then, especially if payments are delayed and folks don’t get paid for the suspected 12 weeks. It may well be a thoroughly miserable Christmas for some with these people not getting payments until January. The timing coudn’t be worse.

We can only pray for a great “Harvest” and hope that the kindness and compassion extends to the end of year and beyond.

Please pray with us for enough:

 Enough food to feed all who come to us between now and the 12 Mondays which exist between now and Christmas.

Caroline x




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