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Food for Thought September 2017

Holy Gravy, Batman!


Food for Thought is a charity which is based on the ethos of Matthew 25: “Whatever you do to the least of these, my brothers, you do unto me.” In this passage Jesus is telling the disciples, and us, that we will ultimately be judged on how much we have loved and helped our neighbour – how much we have fed the poor, visited the sick and imprisoned and invited in the stranger. In a nutshell it’s what Jesus calls us to do – and it’s what we try to do in Food For Thought every day.

A wee while ago Kenny, Liz & I were discussing Community Soup and teasing out the theological meaning of our Wednesday and Thursday lunches. As we talked the question was asked “Where is God within Community Soup?”

Here are some of my thoughts to that question:

⇒ I believe that God is present when we share food with those who join us on both days of the week.

⇒ I believe God is present when a widower comes for company twice a week. Not only does he get the companionship he so badly wants but he gives company to others.

⇒ I believe that God is present when families attend during the school holidays and mum and the kids get to eat a free lunch.

⇒ When a regular attendee stands up during lunch to sing a song or recite the poem he read out at his Dad’s funeral and everybody claps, even those who heard it last week.

⇒ When people hesitantly come in for the first time and then begin to chat to others.

⇒ When the very shy start to chat to the stranger sitting opposite.

⇒ When volunteers come from out with our own organisation or Church.

⇒ When 2 15-year-old boys, who, we think, worship the Gods of Nike, Adidas, Mad Dog 20/20 and x box turn up every Thursday to serve others.

⇒ When we share laughter, worries, stories, sadness, but especially laughter.

So, is God present in Community Soup? I think so.

Holy Gravy indeed!


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