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Food for Thought: March 2018

As you may be aware the funding for Community Soup is coming to an end 31st March. There is a small chance that we will get a 3 month extension, but we are still awaiting the decision on that. Meanwhile, I thought that I would give you a quick synopsis of the final report which I will be sending to Fair Food Transformation Fund (Scottish Government money) who initially funded us.

 Last year when we applied for the money we said we hoped to feed 750 people – now a year later we can record we have fed 2517. So what does that mean?

Well, I think it means that we are building Community. We are building community for people who, before Community Soup started, would have been at home alone… but who now have an opportunity to meet together and chat with others. It means that the older men who come now have two new dates in their weekly diary for company every week. It means that the people who previously have spent days without speaking to another person now know they will have human contact in their day.

Last week one of the bosses from HMP Greenock came in to Community Soup with a ThroughCare worker and a young man just released from jail. He went away with a St Augustine’s leaflet enthusing about this church. He said that he was going back to his own church to tell them about our work and mission. We are very proud to be the face of St Augustine’s that most strangers meet.

One of the most amazing things about Community Soup and Food For Thought is the commitment of the volunteers.

During our recent deep freeze I walked to work expecting really to be the only one in. To my utter amazement four of my volunteers also turned up. They, like me, had walked in knee high snow and on nearly deserted roads even walking the wrong way on the town roundabout, which I thought was fun! However I had to remember that I get paid for this whilst they do not. They had turned up because they were concerned that with all services closed there would be people in need. In fact over the worst 2 days we did in fact give out emergency food for 10 people, including 3 children. We also fed the robins and the other wee birds. Most people stayed home, my lot came out to help others.


So we march on to Easter. Eggs are already piling up in the Church office.

Funding, as always, is ongoing but at the moment we live to fight another day.

Thanks and congratulations go to Roddy Dyer who volunteered with us for over a year and has now gone and got himself a full time job! Well done Roddy!

Thanks also to Joanne who held a charity night for Food For Thought on Friday night and raised over £600.

As always thanks go to the members of the congregation and all in our extended community who continue to support our work.


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