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Food for Thought: June 2018

Food for Thought – God is Good!

In the last few days since my return from holiday we have had several pieces of truly wonderful news:

  • Fair food transformation Fund has awarded us another 20k to fund Community Soup for a further year. This means that we can continue to give free lunch to anyone who wants to attend every Wednesday and Thursday. This takes a huge burden and worry from us as so many have come to depend not only on the food we provide but also on the company these sessions
  • WestDunbartonshire Council’s Community Chest has awarded us £1500 specifically for emergency food aid. Although this is not the amount of money we requested or need, it is still nearly 1/5th of the cash we will spend on emergency food aid this coming 
  • Chicken-R-Us! Nando’s have recently opened a restaurant in Clydebank and have decided to sponsor In practice this means that we can pick up and use very good quality cooked chicken every week at no cost to us. They also have a small amount of money and wish to buy us a new floor covering for the kitchen in the Church. This offer of money came about because when they were setting up the new restaurant and having initial training days for the staff they invited all the local shopkeepers to come and have free chicken and juice. If those who came wanted to order any other food – chips, salad etc – they had to pay for it – and consequently over the few days Nando’s accumulated a wee profitwhich will now pay for our new flooring! Isn’t it incredible how these things come about!? We are extremely grateful for this thoughtful support.
  • Duncan Shaw and friends who recently completed a sponsored walk for us came in and handed in a massive £1,000!Amazing!
  • McMonagles Chip Boat is still donating 30 suppers to us once a
  • This is an incredibly kind gesture from a local business.
  • The Rock café gives us bread and cake every day that is surplice to their requirementsbut very useful to us! Who doesn’t enjoy a wee cake!
  • The Glitter Store in the Broadmeadow Estate recently donated over 100 tubs of cookie dough protein to us. We are giving this to those adult single people who are referred to us for emergency food aid and it will greatly enhance the nutrition of our 3 day

Every gesture of kindness helps us to continue to provide Food for Thought in its entirety and we are so thankful. God is Good and His freely given blessings continue to surprise us!

Caroline xx



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