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Revd Kenny Macaulay

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I am a 60 year old priest, having served all my 37 years of ministry in the Scottish Episcopal Church, the last fourteen of which I’ve been in Dumbarton. Recently, I have also taken over the post of Rector at St Mungo’s Alexandria too! I have served in really interesting places throughout my ministry, such as Possilpark, Glenrothes, and Shettleston, The Cathedral in the West End of Glasgow, Kings Park and Castlemilk. I also got to be Prison Chaplain in Barlinnie for a year!

Being an avid Partick Thistle supporter, I am well used to the many ups and downs of life! It is not known why Thistle supporters become supporters, it’s in the genes they say, but it makes for an interesting life, and it sure is character building!

I discovered Cursillo in 2002, and I would recommend this renewal movement to any Episcopalian who takes their faith seriously, but enjoys fun, laughter, and a good sing!! I guess Cursillo is the Church’s equivalent of Football’s “Lunatic Fringe”!!! I have been back for other sessions, as a Spiritual Advisor at weekends for others. Many St Augustine’s folk have now taken part in a weekend, and a great time is still being had by all of us!

I visited The Gambia in November 2001, which began a long association with the country. I was seduced totally by the warmth, friendship and joy of the people there. I have returned on many occasions since! Third World poverty is shocking, but I have learned so much about being grateful for the basics! We are now running Dumbarton/London Corner Nursery School in Serrekunda, and helping to make things happen there beyond the children’s wildest dreams. Thanks to St Augustine’s folk, and many others, not only are 90 children getting free education, but a feeding programme has been introduced and medical care is being provided. Many individuals have joined the effort, but we always need others to pitch in. So much is now being developed at the school of which I’m rather proud!

I have a special interest in recovery from addiction and 12 Step programmes. Life is fun today, and full of new adventures. I want it to stay that way!

I have many friends, but very few close friends! My son, Graham, (33 now), is a rather independent and successful young man, and someone I am rather proud of! He has grown into a well-adjusted, level-headed young guy in spite of his up-bringing! Married to Angela, he’s working now as a Quantity Surveyor, earns more than I do, and has graduated BSc (Hons) from Glasgow’s Caledonian University! He and Angela have provided me with two grandchildren, Hailey, who is my pride and joy, and the babe Ewan who I love just as much!

I was remarried to Linda, on October 22nd 2005, and am now happy, at last, with first of all a Soul Friend, and someone who can just about put up with my moodiness!

We are the proud owners of Peanut, a cute and lively King Charles/ Cavalier Spaniel, (her brother Toastie died in 2010), and a rather beautiful feline, Truffle, whom I refer to as the Silent Assassin! Archie, aka The Special One, is a rather large, biddable and sloppy Golden Retriever who was “rescued”, and is now settling into our family! Another cat with a history of neglect and abuse has also joined our little family. She’s called Sushi, or WC, “Wee Cat or “Wild Cat” depending on how she’s behaving, but is learning slowly how to be part of a pack! They are just wonderful, and light up everyone’s life!

Now we have linked the Parishes of St Augustine’s and St Mungo’s Alexandria, Linda and I have moved to the Rectory in The Vale! (With the pets!) A new adventure! Following the surprise resignation of Alison Jones, our Associate priest, things are due to get pretty hectic with two parishes to cover, but I’m always up for a challenge.

Life is lived on a day-to-day basis, as well as I can do that, with gratitude for what I have, and it’s taken as it comes. I have learned to enjoy, or overcome, most things that come my way, and I no longer try to control anyone, or change everyone. Futile attempts in the past have taught me salient lessons.

I enjoy stirring up debate, making mischief, and watching other people’s reactions! Home computing had come into my life in a big way, and I have no idea what I would do without my PC! All my skills are self-taught, and many catastrophic mistakes have been made, but today I struggle with the speed of change and adapting to new ways of doing things! I am merely a human male who has no obvious need for instruction books or boring courses!

Revd Liz O’Ryan

Liz 2014Wee Fragments of a Life:

I am a priest, wife to Phil, mum to David, Michael, and Ruth…. family taxi driver, cleaner, cook and general organiser. I grew up in a rural village in Oxfordshire and went to Birmingham University to study theology where I also enjoyed the racial and cultural mix of cosmopolitan life and the local Balti curries! Whilst a Primary School teacher, I met Phil and by marriage became part of a wonderful, large Irish family which now numbers seven fabulous sister-in-laws and twenty seven lively nieces and nephews!

Having settled happily in South Birmingham with our three children, RBS took over Nat West and a move to Scotland soon became inevitable. This was a huge leap into the unknown (particularly for a dedicated southerner!) but has turned out to be a great move for us all.

We moved to Skelmorlie (as I always wanted to live on top of a hill)… and I looked after my own kids whilst running the village playgroup of 28 two and three years old. Faith wise, I have attended church all my life and have always been conscious of God’ presence. I have a particular interest in prayer and spirituality and enjoy talking to p[eople about their faith as well as listening to their stories. I got the first stirrings of God’s call when I was six, but managed to ignore it until I was 46! I was ordained three year ago at St John’s Greenock, and moved to serve the parishes of Dumbarton and Alexandria in 2014. Ministry remains a joy and huge privilege to me.

More personally I am daft about babies and children, and also love anything furry and four-footed! On days off I can be found in the garden or listening to music and generally singing whilst doing whatever! I am an avid reader and love stretching the old brain cell with a Suduko. I am sunny natured, love having a laugh and am up for giving most things a wee shot!

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